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PLant and ANimal Story

Write a short story where you can talk to plants and animals.....


Sunday May 12, 2019
Dear Diary,

So. Today was… weird, to say the least. I really don’t know where to start...

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mom’s voice screaming in my ear. “Poppy Dahlia Delancy! Wake up right this instant!” I rolled over and sighed as I checked my alarm clock. 7:03. I was going to be late for my shift at my mom’s florist shop, “Floyrn the Floral Flower Florist.” Gross. I ripped the crumpled lavender sheets off of my body and rolled out of bed.

I stood up and yawned as I walked over to the mirror adjacent to my bed. My peachy pink hair (I dyed it on Friday) looked like a twiggy bush. I grabbed my hairbrush off of a table cluttered with perfumes and cassette tapes and other random stuff. I ran the brush through my knotty hair and combed my bangs down. I trudged over to my makeup drawer and grabbed the usual items. Pink eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner. I swept the eyeshadow all over my tired eyes and carefully drew out a wing with my liquid eyeliner. I put a heck of a lot of mascara on, stabbing myself in the eye like, five times. (As per usual.) I picked up all of my makeup and threw it back in its drawer.

My mom was yelling at me now. “Poppy! Get down here right now! Your shift starts in ten minutes!” I sighed and yelled back down at her. “Ok, just give me one minute.” I stalked over to my closet and flung the door open. I pulled out a pair of cargo pants and a black crop top. I took my pajamas off and threw them into the hamper. I stepped into my pants and zipped them up quickly. I pulled my shirt over my head and slipped on a pair beat-up red converese. I pulled two hairties off my wrist and forced my hair into two low pigtails. I grabbed my round glasses off of my nightstand and pushed them up my nose. I ran down the stairs of our two-story house, out of the “Living Floor” and into the “Business Floor.”

All though I don’t like working at my mom’s shop, I will admit that it is gorgeus. The picture windows on every wall cast shadows on the floor through the curtain of hanging plants. There are floating shelves on every surface, covered in succulents and tiny pots of flowers. In the very back of the room, there is a long marble counter with a cash register.

My favorite part of the shop is the dying plant in the corner. We’ve had that old plant for as long as I can remember. When I was little, apparently I named him Arthur. Arthur has always been my favorite plant.

My five siblings and I work shifts at the florist. Yeah, you heard me right. Five. In age order: My sister Basil (21), my brother Aspen (17), Me (16), the twins Magnolia + Marigold (12), and my little brother Clove (8). Clove and the twins aren’t allowed to work on their own, so they only work when our mom (Floryn) is on duty.

I get to work Sundays. Normally, I find it boring but not today. As soon as I stepped behind the counter, I heard someone talking behind me. An old man, with a thick Brooklyn accent. He said “Hey there pretty thing.” I whipped around, only to see that there was no one else in the room. “Hello?” I called out. “Girly. It’s me. In the corner.” I looked in every corner. There was nothing in them but plants. I laughed. “Good prank, now show me who you are.” The voice scoffed and said “Deary, it’s me. Arthur. The plant in the corner.” The plant’s branches moved, almost as if it was taking a bow. “Come here and let me give you a big ol’ hug.” I took a couple reluctant steps towards the plant and Arthur wrapped his arms- er, branches around my body in a big hug. “Oh you’ve gotten so big Poppy! I remember when you were a little baby.” Arthur said in his thick accent.

I took a step back and shook my head in disbelief. A plant just hugged me. A plant. I looked outside the doors to see a customer approaching. I quickly jumped behind the counter as my brother Aspen stepped into the shop. Aspen was with his boyfriend Jack.

Now, let me just say that Jack and Aspen love plants. Like, a lot. They take real good care of all the plants at the shop. “Hey Poppy, what’s cooking?” Jack said as he gave me a fist bump. “I, uh, nothing.” I mumbled. Jack smiled and walked over to Arthur and shook his hand- er, branch (I will never get used to this plant/body part thing.) “Hello Arthur, how are you on this fine morning?” Jack waited patiently for a response. “Why thank you for asking, I am doing just fine, Jackie dear.” the plant answered.

I could not believe my ears. My brother’s boyfriend could also talk to plants? “Jack, you can talk to plants?” I questioned. He scoffed and said “Yeah. Come on Poppy. So can Aspen.” My jaw dropped. My brother could talk to plants? My weird, crazy brother. Who would’ve thought? I nodded slowly, taking all this in. All of a sudden, something pulled my hair. “Ouch! God Aspen, you’re such a jerk,” I spun around, expecting to see Aspen standing behind me with a devilish grin, but there was nothing but a basket of purple hanging petunias.

Oh god. Not another talking plant. I groaned as the petunias put her hands- er, vines on her basket. The petunias cleared her throat (I guess?) and said “My name is Doris Barbara Clarence Lenora Marjorie Alma Myrtle McPatt, I’m 94 years old. I’ve been married to Bob Chester McPatt for 132 years and I just adore smoked alaskan salmon on rye.” in a whiny, high pitched voice. I rolled my eyes as a teenage boy’s voice rang out from a potted  lily. “Yo yo yo, what up daaaaaaaawgs!” Oh my LORD! Who new that plants could be so annoying?

Soon, all of the plants started talking at the same time, their annoying voices hurting my ears. I stomped up the stairs in frustration and slamed my bedroom door. I flopped down on my bed and started writing in this diary. Now I’m just petting my cat and writ- My cat just told me to bring him a treat. In a human voice. You know what? That’s it. I’m done with this.

the end

I remember the first thing they said to me as clear as if it had happened yesterday.

Be careful, they had said. Don’t let them know your secret.

I had tried, I really had. I never meant for anyone to find out, but it wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. I was caught arguing with the mean old cat who lived next door, and well, that was the end for me.

I was thrown in this room, which was more like a cold and dark jail cell, and had been here ever since. Which could have been only an hour or as much as a whole day. I didn’t belong here though. I wasn’t crazy. And I wasn’t the only one like me here. This was where they sent all people who claimed to hear the voices of the plants and animals, trapped with the people who really were crazy.

I figured maybe I would go crazy here eventually. I could barely make anything out in the dark, and the slow dripping sound was starting to get on my nerves. I sighed and laid back on the stone slab that I assumed was supposed to be a bed, and wondered how long it would be until I would be allowed to leave this room, if ever. My eyes began to shut and I hoped maybe I would be able to fall asleep.

As I drifted off to sleep, I heard whispers all around me. My eyes fluttered open and I glanced towards the door. Was someone coming to get me? But alas I heard no footsteps accompanying the voices. And even so, the voices sounded like they were in the same room as me.

“Who’s there?” I asked, my voice dry and raspy from not being used.

The whispers quieted down to silence and one voice spoke loud enough for me to hear clearly. Ah so you can hear us, it said.

I turned towards the sound, but I didn’t see anybody there. The only thing there was a group of small sprouts growing up from a crack in the old stone floor. I pulled myself up to standing and quietly crept towards the sprouts, crouching down once I reached them.

“Is it you?” I said. “Are you the ones talking to me?”

Of course, was the answer. Did you really think there were people in here?

“Well, I didn’t think that. But I didn’t know who it was.”

You’re so naive, they said. You’ll learn eventually.

“Learn what?” I shifted closer to the sprouts. “What am I supposed to learn?”

You’ll learn eventually, they repeated.

I shook my head. “I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“You still think they talk, huh?”

I whirled my head around to see two people who looked like doctors standing behind me.

“They do!” I shouted. “I’m not crazy!”

The one who had spoken earlier chuckled and gave me a strange smile. “That’s what they all say you know. But don’t worry. We’re here to make you all better.”

The two “doctors” came towards me, each grabbing one of my arms and pulling to my feet. I put up a struggle and tried to pull myself free, but they were too strong. I stumbled along as they dragged me out the door and down the long hall lined with other cells, despite my screams and protests. But as I was taken to whatever torture lay ahead, I heard more voices, all whispering the same thing.

So naive, I heard. She’ll have to be smarter if she wants to make it out alive.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Home and Garden Curriculum

Writing and Comprehension
"Omnivour's Dilemna" book club
Family Meal essay
Plant That Talk creative writing assignment

Reading List

Science and Technology
Menu planning and execution
Make a quilt
Crash Course Biology
Make butter, bread, jam, salt, soda, stock, farmers cheese, canned veggies
Presentation on what sugar does to your body
Plant a garden

Art and Design
Make stuffed toys

Field Trips and Experiences
Berry picking
Dairy farm tour
Harvest on a farm
Work on a farm
Shop at a farmer's market


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Plane Adventure Creative Writing Challenge

I leaned up against the window, desperately trying to drown out the sounds of people walking past. They were so loud, children yelling in excitement, and adults trying to find their seats and making room in the overhead compartments. It was like being in a box that wasn’t quite big enough, sandwiched between the person next to me and the wall of the airplane. I never liked flying, not because of the fear of falling but because of the feeling of being trapped in a space that was too bright, too loud, and too uncomfortable to travel in for fifteen hours.

There was a sudden warmth on my shoulder, and I turned around to see my friend Alana leaning towards my seat, her hand the warmth I had felt earlier. She knew how I hated planes and had taken it upon herself to make this as stress-free as possible. That was how Alana was, always putting herself before others to make them feel more comfortable.

“How are you holding up?” She asked, flashing a small smile.

I shrugged, not wanting to admit how bad it was.

“Hey, we’ve been through worse. This is nothing.”

“Yeah, well what happened over the summer did not involve an overwhelming amount of human beings.” I rolled my eyes and flopped back against the seat. Sure, the events of this summer were the worst experiences of my life, but I still might choose that over being where I was right now.

“What happened this summer that was so bad?” Alana said.

“The nearly drowning in a lake in order to bring someone back to life? Remember?”

“Okay have you gone crazy?” She asked, pulling away from me.

“I have not! I think the crazy one is you!” I said, turning around to face her once again.

“Would you two stop yelling over there?” The man next to me said. “This is a plane after all.”

I was about to say something back to him when he started talking again, this time in a very confused state.

“How did I get here? And where is this plane going?”

I stood up and surveyed the plane, everyone appearing to be in a state of confusion. Everyone seemed to have lost their memory, or at least almost everyone. My memories were all still here, or at least I thought so.

Another glance around the small space and I noticed a strange light emitting from the cockpit. It was of blueish color and was very faint. It reminded me of something I had seen before. Something that I had never wanted to see again.

While the rest of the plane tried to sort through the confusion, I wandered towards the front of the plane. If I’m being honest, there’s not a lot I’m afraid of. But this light sent terror throughout my body, and if I weren't so curious I probably would have run off the plane and never looked back. But even so, I quietly pulled the door open and slipped inside.

My fears were confirmed when I saw what was sitting on the control panel. A clear blue crystal was there, one I had known all too well. I the ground sway beneath my feet and I crashed into a wall. This crystal was what had ruined my life, the cause of the nightmare that was my summer.

The light started to grow brighter and brighter, soon so bright I couldn’t see. And in that moment I wasn’t afraid anymore. I felt relaxed, at ease. My mind was blank, except for one thought. I wanted that crystal. No, I needed that crystal. I pushed against the wall and back into a standing position and reached for the crystal.

Suddenly I could see again, my head cleared of these new thoughts, and panic washed over me. I immediately yanked my hand back. I had to destroy this crystal before it caused any more trouble.

“Get out of my kitchen!” I heard from behind me. I whirled around to see the pilot glaring at me. “I didn’t invite you to breakfast.”
“Breakfast?” I asked.

“Yes, breakfast. Now shoo, get out of here.” She turned towards the control panel and began to make the motions of scrambling eggs, pressing many buttons. The plane lurched forward and began rolling along at top speed.

“Move!” I shoved the pilot out of the way and stared at the control panel. There had to be a way to shut it off. But I had no idea how to fly a plane, and pressing random buttons would probably make the situation worse.

But the crystal, that was something I could handle. I reached out to grab the crystal, but my hand closed around nothing. Something was holding me back. The pilot had grabbed onto my ankle, keeping me in place.

“Don’t touch my orange juice!” She screamed yanking me backward.

I stumbled back and tripped over her, hitting the wall before dropping to the floor. She scrambled to her feet and half ran, half crawled to the crystal. Despite all the pain I was in from the fall, I reached out and grabbed the back of her jacket. I then jumped over her and grabbed the crystal. As the pilot tried to grab my ankle again, I threw the crystal at her head, knocking her out cold.

I carefully stepped over her and picked up the crystal once again, turning it over in my hand a few times. This was definitely the same crystal I had thought it was. It wouldn't be too hard to destroy. I just needed to remember the words that were needed. The last time I did this I had to return the crystal to its origin and recite the incantation. But we were running out of runway and I couldn’t remember the words.

It didn’t matter though, for something jabbed me from behind and I fell to the ground, the air knocked out of my lungs. The crystal flew out of my hands and I heard it clink against the floor. It began to glow again, and then once again it blinded me. I looked around in a panic and saw the silhouette of a person start towards the crystal.

I used the wall to help myself to stand again and reached for the nearest object. It felt like an umbrella, but whatever it was it would have to work. I swung my makeshift weapon towards my attacker, but they deflected my blow with a weapon of their own. They jabbed their weapon towards me, hitting me dead on and I nearly lost my balance again. But this time I caught myself on the pilot’s chair and swung at them again. This time I caught them off guard and managed to hit their side.

Feeling lucky, I jabbed at the attacker again, but they gracefully dodged out of the way. My makeshift weapon and I kept going through, and it got stuck in the steering wheel. I desperately tried to pull it out but to no avail. The attacker came at me again, but I grabbed the end of their weapon and flung it across the cockpit.

I then leaped on top of the attacker, knocking us both to the ground. I scrambled off of them before the could take another move, and ran back over to the crystal. I picked it up and the light faded again. I glanced back down at the ground to see who my attacker was.

“Alana?” I said in shock, seeing my friend lying on the floor.

“Griffin.” She looked up at me. “Why didn’t it work?”

“Why didn’t what work?”

“The crystal! You were supposed to lose your memory too!”

“You did this? Alana, why?” I looked at the crystal and then back at Alana.

“Because of what you did to me!” She shouted. “Back when we destroyed the first crystal, you tried to sacrifice me! You chose him over me! I’m your best friend Keith, why would you do that to me?”

“Alana I never did that. Why would you even thank that?” I said. “You must be crazy!”

“I’m not the crazy one!”

“Well, maybe this will help you change your mind.” I turned and placed the crystal back where I found it. “Sacra hinc amet nec!”

The crystal shattered, the shards flying everywhere. The plane screeched to a halt. I heard the murmur of talking of the people whose memories were now restored, and I turned back to Alana.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered, looking away.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” I offered her my hand to help her up. “Now I think this flight is going to be canceled, so why don’t we get out of here?”


A thick curtain of long, crimson hair covered the pale girl’s face. She was looking out the window at the ground below us. Her hazel eyes stared down at the bright lights piercing the inky black sky. She whipped around to face me. The girl had an energetic grin plastered to her face, her cheeks flushed with excitement. This girl was tired, but her adrenaline was keeping her wide awake.  She pushed a piece of my dirty blonde hair away from my swampy green eyes that wandered all over the plane’s cabin. The smooth white walls with little patterns etched into them, the deep blue seats almost flat from years of use. We were soaring through the air, heading to Italy to begin our long-awaited trip.

I quickly turned to the girl and cracked a smile. “Vicky,” I said. “Remember when we used to hide in the old school bathrooms and tell eachother all our deepest, darkest secrets?” Vicky’s angelic smile faltered. “No,” she quickly responded. “Should I?”  I frowned as the man to my right asked me what my name was. “Sir, I have told you many times that my name is Natalie,” He shifted in his chair. “My dear girl, you haven’t told me a thing about yourself.” My brow crinkled in confusion. That was the moment I realized something was wrong. I listened to other murmurs of confusion from then other passengers aboard the aircraft. I then understood that everyone on the plane was experiencing some sort of amnesia. Everyone but me.

I ignored the iridescent seatbelt lights and unclipped the strap. I mumbled a quick “Excuse me,” to the man I had just spoken to and stepped over his legs.  I promptly walked back to the galley, hoping that I could find answers. On my way I saw a strange violet light coming from the cockpit. I swiftly turned towards the glowing room and walked rapidly down the aisle. I reached the mysterious door and forcefully turned the handle, but it didn’t budge. I grabbed the handle and flicked my wrists up. The door swung open with ease.

Inside, I was shocked to find that there was no one in the cockpit. I tentatively stepped over to the control panel, where I saw an amulet. The amulet was glowing with a purple hue, which most definitely caused the extraordinary light that was radiating out of the cockpit. I slowly reached out to touch the mysterious amulet…

One step, two steps, three steps closer. I stumbled hypnoticly towards the beautiful talisman. My body was aching to touch it, to be near it. I needed it. I walked drunkenly towards the amulet, longing for it. I didn’t know where I was anymore. I didn’t care. All I could remember was that I needed that amulet.

My hand snapped back to my side. I shook my head quickly and stared at the amulet in disbelief. I nervously stepped back towards the open cockpit door, but a large hand grabbed my hair, stopping me in my tracks.

The hand forcefully turned me around so I was face to face with its owner: the pilot. The pilot snarled “Get out of my kitchen. I didn’t invite you to breakfast,” He turned and walked stiffly to his chair. He dropped into the chair, and started pressing as many buttons as he could. “Stop!” I shouted. “Sir, what are you-” I was hurled to the floor as the nose of the plane tipped to face the ground.

The side of my head slammed into the wall. Blood dripped down my face and into my eyes. I slowly collapsed as my eyes rolled back into my head. Get the amulet. I dragged myself to the control panel and pulled myself onto the co-pilot’s chair. My hand closed around the amulet’s rusted chain. I pulled the amulet to my chest.

I knew I needed to destroy the amulet. I knew how I could destroy it. I just didn’t want to. I would have to let the plane crash to destroy the amulet.

I closed my eyes and let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. I was ready. Somebody punched me square in the nose while my eyes were closed. I tried to open my eyes to see who my attacker was, but the blood from earlier had formed a crust over my eyes. I swung blindly, only to receive another ambush. This attacker had the advantage of sight. Hit after hit, I was wounded badly. I managed to hit the attacker a few times, and that was enough. I defeated them.

My eyes were watering. The cakey blood on my face loosened up and my eyes opened. I was looking directly at Vicky. I weakly whispered her name as she devilishly grinned. “You know,” she said “I created this elaboate plan to get my revenge. I never had amnesia, but you were supposed to. I did remember how we used to sit in the bathrooms and talk. But what you didn’t remember was when you killed her.”

“What? Vicky, I never killed anyone!” I exclaimed. “Here, let me refresh your memory. Last year, we walked to school together every day. This one day, you seemed… off. Like something was bothering you. When we went to the bathroom together you went off. You took out a knife, and slit my little sister’s throat.”  I laughed. “Vicky, we saw your sister yesterday. Right before we left for the airport.” Vicky opened her mouth to say something.

The plane hit the ground. Vicky and I were thrown against the bloodstained white walls. The airplane burst into flames. I coughed hysterically as I dragged myself across the cockpit floor and into the cabin. The man I had been sitting next to ran to me and slung my arm over his shoulder. An older woman was trying to open the emergency doors, but it was no use. The doors were sealed tight. We were left to burn, along with Vicky and her amulet.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Transportation Curriculum

History and Culture
Watch videos on transportation.
Wright Brothers documentary and scavenger hunt

Writing and Comprehension
History of transportation powerpoint.
Adventure creative writing challenge

Reading List

Science and Technology
Watch videos on transportation.
Paper airplane challenge

Art and Design
Daily transportation photographs.
Complete a bicycle puzzle.

Field Trips and Experiences
Visit Seaport Museum
Ride tram.
Watch The Aviator
Visit Chessapeake Bay Bridge
Take the CApe May Ferry
Visit Wright Brothers memorial
Ride go-carts
Take an overnight train
Visit National Air and Space Museum
Watch Grand Tour Mongolia special.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Serial Killer Biographies

Everyone researched a different serial killer and wrote a biography.  (Actually one got too scared so opted out!)

john wayne
by Natalie Rosati

Image result for john wayne gacy

On December 21, 1978, a man named John Wayne Gacy was arrested on 33 counts of murders, 1 count of sexual assault, and 1 count of indecent liberties with a child. After six years, the killings were over. John Wayne Gacy was finally done.

+ early

John Wayne Gacy was born to John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Gacy on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. Young Gacy’s father was an alcoholic and abused his whole family.

Abuse is normally a big factor in many criminals lives.

Gacy always tried to make his father proud of him but failed. When Gacy was four, his father beat him with a leather belt. His father would also hit Gacy in the head with a broomstick. No matter how much abuse Gacy went through, he always denied hating his father.

In 1949, Gacy and his friend had been caught sexually fondling a young girl. His father’s response to this was beating Gacy with a razor strop. Later that year, Gacy himself was molested by a family friend. He never told his family about this, afraid that they would blame him.

Throughout Gacy’s life, he was affected by a heart condition, making him unable to play sports. He also had many seizures during his childhood. He was in the hospital a lot and because of this, his grades plummeted. This made him an outcast and a target for bullying.

In 1960 Gacy became an assistant precinct captain for a local democratic party. That same year, Gacy’s father bought him a car. His father would take away the keys unless young Gacy did exactly as he said. One day, Gacy took the keys and drove all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Vegas, Gacy found a job as a mortuary attendant. He worked, ate, and slept at the morgue, which probably did wonderful things for his personality. One night, Gacy broke into a teen boy’s coffin and hugged his body. This gave Gacy the idea to call his mother and ask if he could come home after staying in Vegas for three months. Gacy never explained why he did this. His mother said yes, and he drove back to Chicago the very next day.

As soon as Gacy had returned, he enrolled in Northwestern Business College, from which he graduated in 1963.

Most people assume that John Wayne Gacy had Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). APD is characterized by “a total disregard of the feelings of others.” People with APD are normally ruthless and careless, and they have a tendency to break laws. The cause of APD is unknown.

  • victims

On January 2, 1972, Gacy claimed his first victim. The victim was a boy named Timothy McCoy. Gacy met McCoy on a sightseeing trip of Omaha. Gacy offered to let McCoy stay the night at his house, and then take him to the bus stop the next morning. McCoy agreed to this and stayed the night in Gacy’s home.

The next morning, Gacy woke up to see McCoy standing over his bed with a kitchen knife. Gacy was quick to grab the knife and stab McCoy repeatedly in the chest although McCoy only had the knife because he had just made breakfast. Gacy then buried the body in the crawlspace under his home. He said in an interview that “That’s when I realized killing was the ultimate thrill.” These killings continued for six years.

Gacy did have some patterns in his killings. He would stuff the victims' underwear in their mouth to prevent leaking fluids. All of Gacy’s victims were young men around the ages of 15-19. Most of them worked for Gacy in his company. Gacy had a few “tricks” up his sleeve. He would gain the boy’s trust and then handcuff him. He would then rape and torture them, and for the grand finale he had something called “the rope trick.” Gacy would place a rope around the victim’s head and tie the rope to create a makeshift tourniquet. He then would strangle the victim to death.

Gacy would bring the bodies back to his crawlspace and pour cement over them. Some bodies were buried in his fire pit and in the floors. Towards the of his killings, Gacy threw some bodies into Des Plaines River due to “excessive leakage.” Image result for john wayne gacy

Sometimes while murdering, Gacy wore a clown costume. Gacy never stated why he did this. He pretended to be his alter-ego “Pogo the Clown.” This earned him the name “The Killer Clown.” Gacy worked as a clown for children’s parties and charity events.

+ arrest

Nobody ever really thought much about Gacy until December of 1978. He had always seemed suspicious, but he was kind and people liked him. Although he had a criminal record with many accounts of rape, the police didn’t think he was behind the disappearances.  
On December 11, Robert Piest disappeared. He was Gacy’s last victim and the one who got him caught. He met Piest in a local pharmacy and was talking about his company that hired teenage boys for very good pay. Piest decided to visit Gacy, and of course, he never returned.

A worker from the pharmacy told the police to go to Gacy’s house. When they did, Gacy denied talking to Piest. The police requested that he come to the station, and Gacy showed up at 3:20 the next morning, covered in mud. He claimed he had been in a car crash.
The police checked his criminal record and immediately ordered Gacy’s house to be searched. The police and detectives found suspicious things, like handcuffs and knotted ropes. The police continued to search.

Gacy would take the detectives out to dinner. On December 18, Gacy took two surveillance detectives out to a restaurant. They talked about Gacy’s life, his job as a clown, and other activities. He said to one detective “You known… clowns can get away with murder.”

On December 22, John Wayne Gacy was arrested for murder. He (falsely) said that he would abduct teen male runaways or male prostitutes and torture and assault them. He then would either strangle or drown his victims and bury them in his home. Gacy didn’t tell anyone why he lied.

His trial began on February 6, 1980. He was charged with 33 murders. He spent the rest of his life Menard Correction Center in Chester, Illinois. He took up painting, and some of his works have been sold for over 20,000 dollars. Image result for john wayne gacy

Gacy’s last meal on death row was a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a dozen fried shrimp, french fries, strawberries, and a Diet Coke. His final words were “Kiss my ass.” John Wayne Gacy was executed by a lethal dose on May 10, 1994, at the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois. People outside screamed “No tears for the clown” while Gacy was dying.


No tears for the clown. John Wayne Gacy is gone for good, but his legacy is not. People will remember Gacy for centuries to come. Because you know… clowns can get away with murder.