Friday, March 8, 2019

Asia Travel Project

The girls were asked to plan a 10 day trip to the Asian country of their choice for 4 people with a budget of $500 per day.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Essay on the Tibet Conflict

The girls were asked to write their opinion on whether Tibet should be a free conuntry or continue to be ruled by China....

Tibet is a region on a Tibetan Plateau in Asia that spans almost a quarter of China’s territory and was its own country until China invaded it in 1951. This invasion has often been described as a “cultural genocide” by the Tibetan people and even many outsiders. There are two major political conflicts over Tibet, one being whether Tibet should be a separate country from China, and the other being whether or not Tibet was really independent in its recent history. But the Tibetans had their country unfairly taken away from them by the Chinese, and there are many reasons to support it.

First of all, the Tibetan leaders were forced to sign a treaty and the 14th Dalai Lama never allowed them to sign it. They had never agreed with the terms of the treaty in the first place, and they didn’t have any desire to follow them. Although the Chinese knew they hadn't wanted to sign the treaty, they still enacted it, taking Tibet for themselves.

Secondly, the Chinese abused to Tibetans. The Tibetan people were enslaved, forced to work in work camps, and starved to death. Monks and nuns were forced to marry each other, and parents even had to bury their children alive for any act of disobedience. People who tried to rebel were doused in urine and set on fire or had their body parts cut off. This made the history between China and Tibet one filled with bloodshed.

Lastly, when the 14th Dalai Lama appointed a new Panchen Lama, the Chinese kidnapped him and his family. They then appointed their own Panchen Lama. The boy the Dalai Lama chose was put under house arrest and hasn’t been seen since 1995. This is not only against basic human rights, but it also is ruining a sacred Tibetan tradition.

In the future, the United Nations should try to set rules as to how a country treats it’s people. Giving the Tibetan people they’re country back would be a difficult process, but if rules were set, they’d at least be treated correctly for the time being. And who knows, maybe one day Tibet will be it’s own country again.

gosIn 1950, the beautiful country of Tibet was invaded by the Chinese People’s Liberation
Army. The fourteenth Dalai Lama was forced into exile and fled to India. The Tibetans were
slaughtered and abused by the Chinese, and all of their land was taken. The Chinese are now
interfering with religions and beliefs and causing all sorts of problems for the Tibetans. Here
is why I think the Tibetans should be freed.

There is no reason they should be a part of China. Before the ’50s, Tibet was a free country.
The people peacefully practised religions and daily activities without hurting a soul. Tibet
was a peaceful country with barely any violence until China invaded.

Another reason is that the Chinese do not deserve to rule. The Chinese killed over 430,000
(according to the Tibetans) people in Tibet. All they have done to Tibet is disrupt the peace
and create problems in the world. Do you think that aggressive murderers should be rulers?

One last reason that Tibet should be free is that if China continues to dominate other
countries, it may become an incredibly large empire. In the future, China may start
invading other countries and that might eventually might lead to huge wars. See, if China
took Tibet, why would they stop there? We know from history that empires never end well.
So if China becomes an empire, we might all be doomed.

I believe that Tibet should be free, and so do many others. But there are others who are
holding us back. The Chinese have only brought pain to what once was a marvelous
country. We need to bring that beautiful, peaceful country back together once more.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Asia Curriculum

History and Culture
Geography of Asia
Videos of Asia
Present findings on fueldalism in Japan

Writing and Comprehension
Create a travel itinerary to an Asian country
Genghis Khan trial
Essay on the conflict in Tibet
Google search on Korea
Read and discuss "The Wave"
Read and discuss an article on the Killing Fields

Reading List

Science and Technology
Do an Everest climb simulation
Earthquake and tsunami research project

Art and Design
Learn calligraphy
Write haiku
Fold origami
Learn manga
Create a kabuki mask
Batik napkins

Field Trips and Experiences
Breakfast and lunch for each country studies
WAtch "Seven Years in Tibet"
Visit the Rubin Museum
Visit a Hindu temple
Take a yoga class
WAtch "Ghandi"
Watch "INto Thin Air"
Go rock climbing
Experience a Japanese tea ceremony
Play Onitama
PLay Silk Road Game
See Shen Yun
Talk a walking tour of Chinatown


Friday, January 18, 2019

Genetics Inspired Stories

Everyone picked a genetics inspired prompt from WritePop and wrote a short story.  Loved them!

PROMPT: In the Middle Ages, humans split off into two subspecies, one with wings, one without. The winged humans can attack bomb the castles of their enemies from the sky, far out of reach of the non-winged humans’ weapons.
I hear my feet pounding as they hit the earth in a steady rhythm. One two, one two, one two. My breathing is
scarce, coming out as more of a gasp for air than a breath. Just keep going, I think. Just keep going and you’ll
be safe. They won’t be able to reach you. One two three four, one two three four. I hear the sound of horse
hooves closing in on me. I may be fast, but they’ll always be faster. If I had stayed hidden in the trees, maybe
then they wouldn’t have found me. But the trees ran out a long time ago. Now I’m running on the open ground,
reaching the edge of a cliff at a breakneck pace. I don’t stop even then, only glancing back to see the wingless
ones charging towards me, bows aimed and swords drawn. I can’t stop now. Just a little further. And then all of a
sudden the ground is gone and I’m falling. I hear the horses stop, but I keep going. Falling away from them.
Falling to safety.
Falling, and then flying.
My wings spread and I feel them lift me up, higher and higher. I glide too high for their weapons to reach
and I’m finally saved. The wind blows against my face, but I love it. The feeling of freedom. I’m safe by now,
but I don’t stop going. I don’t stop until I reach the clouds, until I can barely see the ground anymore, until I
don’t feel fear anymore. I’m one of the lucky ones, those who have wings that will carry them through the air l
ike a bird. It’s the best feeling in the whole world, or at least in my opinion.
But I can’t stay out of the way forever. As I soar through the sky, I begin to see more and more winged people,
and I know I must be getting close to the battle. The other winged people carry homemade explosives with
them, flying over the castle to drop them and then flying away to go get more. I watch them closely, seeing
how they gracefully dive down and back up, leaving no time for the wingless ones to attack.
But I should have been paying attention. One of the wingless ones arrows fly by me, too close. It scrapes along
my side, tearing away some of the fabric of my clothes and leaving a line of blood. I lose my balance and start
plummeting towards the ground, knowing there’s no one to save me.

PROMPT:  The government hires an assassin to kill a scientist who is working on dangerous experiments in genetic engineering. When the assassin arrives at the scientist’s lab, he discovers that the scientist has cloned himself dozens and dozens of times.

He quietly walked through my laboratory. His polished black shoes clicked on the clean linoleum tiles.
He was wearing a black mask, with home-made holes in the eyes and the mouth. Through those holes,
I could almost see his shimmery, dark eyes, full of intent. I knew why he was here. I knew who sent him.
He was an assassin, sent by the government. They sent him to kill me, for I was dangerous in their eyes. They
thought I was mad. But why?
My experiments started about two years ago. I bought an abandoned warehouse, inhabited only by spiders
and moths, and morphed it into the laboratory of my dreams. There was one person who knew about it, other
than my self. That one person was my brother. The only person who ever supported me.
As little boys, my brother and I would play tricks on everyone we could. Being identical twins, we could fool anyone
who we wanted into thinking we were each other. It became normal to spend a day in each other's lives. I would be
him, he would be me. It was almost like having a clone. That was where my life-long dream was born.
The older I became, the more interested I was in cloning. I read every book and watched every movie and
TV show that mentioned cloning. I was obsessed, but my twin supported me. On our 19th birthdays, we
went separate ways. He became a government agent, and I started my experiments.
I told my brother about them a year after I began. He was sure that it would never work but did not try to
stop me. We didn’t talk for the rest of that year, but I was sure he thought I was crazy.
I looked back up at the intruder and realized that my dear brother must have sent this killer. I smiled and
realized how proud of me my twin would be. I had proved him wrong once and for all. I heard a blood-curdling
scream coming from the lab. I laughed, knowing that my killer had discovered my secret. He had discovered
that I had found a way to clone people.
I stepped out of my hiding spot and looked the assassin in the eyes. My clones were surrounding him,
ready to attack. They were stronger, faster, braver versions of me. Their eyes gleamed with an urge to kill.
The intruder slowly started to take off his mask. As he did, I saw that every face in this room was identical.
The assassin was my brother.
He looked at me in shock. I smiled and laughed, as the shock turned to hatred. I looked in his dark, misty grey
eyes that mirrored mine and realized that there was nothing left between us. I gave my dozens of clones the signal
to attack and they ran towards him. They ripped his arms and legs off and bit his neck. They beat him so aggressively
he was barely recognizable. There was blood in his jet black hair and on his polished black shoes. When the clones
were satisfied, they turned and left. I smiled lovingly at the beautiful creatures I had created as they walked like
soldiers out of the lab. I walked towards my twin and laughed at him. Who ever would have that it would end like this?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Genetics Unit Study

Here is what we are doing for our study of genetics....

Writing and Comprehension
Write a research report about whether genes are behind a certain health conditions.
Read and discusss "Brave New World".
Write a short fantasy story involving genetics.

Reading List

Brave new girl
Vincent, Rachel,
Door Into the Ocean
Maximum Ride : Saving the world and other extreme sports. The fugitives, bk 3
Patterson, James, 1947-
Maximum Ride : School's out - forever. The fugitives, bk 2
Patterson, James, 1947-
Maximum Ride : the angel experiment. The fugitives, bk 1
Patterson, James, 1947-
Maximum Ride. Vol. 1 [graphic format]
Lee, NaRae.
Maximum Ride. Vol. 2 [graphic format] : the manga
Lee, NaRae.
Maximum Ride. Vol. 3 [graphic format] : the manga
Lee, NaRae.
Maximum Ride. Vol. 4 [graphic format]
Lee, NaRae.
Never let me go
Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954-
The final warning : a Maximum Ride novel. The protectors, bk 1
Patterson, James, 1947-
The One : a novel
Marrs, John (Freelance journalist),
The windup girl
Bacigalupi, Paolo.

Science and Technology
Watch videos on genetics.
Play Geniverse.
Complete a Genetics and Heredity program with labs.
Complete a Genetics Escape Room.
Try the experiements in the DNA Experiment Kit.
Break out of a Mystery DNA Escape Room.
Yet another DNA Escape Room.
Create a Crazy Creature.

Field Trips and Experiences

Watch Heroes
Watch Gattaca