Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Art of Filmmaking ... Stop Motion Animation

Today we learned about stop motion animation and the girls made their own movies using just their phones and an app called iStopMotion.  Pretty cool!


"Lobster Trauma"

The Art of Filmmaking ... Script Writing

Today we learned what goes into a script ... it is a lot more than lines of dialogue!  Then using a favorite children's book, everyone wrote a script complete with scene descriptions, action, and dialogue.  You really had to think about what you wanted to take from the story and portray in your film!  We found a great add on for Google Docs, called Fountainize, that easily formats your script for you. 

Then we created movie posters nad had a table reading.  Hopefully, over the summer, the movies will get filmed!

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Art of FIlmmaking ... Camera Movement

Today we learned about camera movement ... pan, tilt, crane, zoom and dolly shots.  ANd went to the beach to try them out.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ready Player One .. A Review

Went to see Ready PLayer One and had the kids write reviews.  In case you are thinking of seeing the movie, you can check out what they had to say!

Ready Player One. The “worldwide phenomenon” written by Ernest Cline has been transformed from ink on paper into a marvel of animation and living actors, thanks to Steven Spielberg. It was an awe-inspiring experience, but if you are a true fan of the book, you may be disappointed.

First of all, my main problem was how the characters looked in OASIS. In the book, Cline made it seem like the OASIS was almost an alternate universe, and one that looked VERY real. In the movie, it was just unrealistic looking.

My second issues was that there was excessive fighting. In the book, there were just a few battles, and most of them were not large ones at that. In the movie, almost every scene was a battle. I found it especially over the top.

And my last problem was that it I found it very rushed. There was no build-up to anything. Important things would just happen without any warning. I think that they could have taken more time to let the story grow and develop.

Overall, it was a good movie, but disappointing for those who have read the book. It just felt like an entirely different story. If you love the book, and want to go see the movie, just ask yourself before you go, are you ready, player one?

When I heard that Ready Player One, the hit novel by Ernest Cline, was becoming a movie I couldn’t wait to see it. Although I had never read the book, my family had been raving about it for a long time. I did end up enjoying the movie, but I must say that there were some much needed changes that could have been made.

Starting with the positives, the attention to detail in Ready Player One was incredible. The live action sets were exactly what I had imagined, especially the stacks. The creators had put so much time into recreating what I can only imagine was the exact image the book had put out there. And the animations in Oasis were breathtaking, I had never seen a movie with such detailed animations.

But on the downside, I felt like everything was a little rushed. The movie threw you from one situation to the next, with no warning. It almost seemed like the creators had tried to keep the entire story, which according to my family they didn’t, while squeezing it all into a small amount of time. The result was a little choppy and hard to follow for someone who didn’t already know the story.

My other problem would be that there was too much fighting. It was battle after battle with only more drama in between. And it was way too easy for the “good guys” to win. The battles were boring, and te main one lasted way too long.

I found that as the only one in my family who didn’t read the book, I was also the only one who wasn’t disappointed. So for fans of the book, I would say don’t get your hopes up-it’s not what you would expect. Although I had a few problems with Ready Player One, I overall enjoyed it and would recommend you give it a chance.

Wandering Wednesday .... Kindness Rocks

Today we wandering around the beach and collected rocks.  Then headed home to paint them and add inspiring messages.  Then we snuck around town leaving them in places that others could find them... playgrounds, benches, bleachers.