Friday, October 12, 2018

Ancient Rome Curriculum

History and Culture
Watch videos on Ancient Rome.
Participate in an Ancient Rome Escape Room.
Take an online class on Ancient Rome.
Complete a Julius Ceasar Escape Room.
Study Roman Law.
Explore stoicism.
Decide if you could stop the fall of Rome.

Writing and Comprehension
Write a biography of an Emperor.
Act out Julius Ceasar.
Write a story based on the last hours of Pompeii.

Reading List

Science and Technology
Watch videos on simple machines, force, and motion.
Create a Rube Goldberg machine.
Study force and motion.
Experiment with simple machines.
Build an automata.

Art and Design
Create an elephant (e.g. Hannibal) collage.
Create a stop-motion animation movie about a gladiator.

Field Trips and Experiences

Play Provincia Romana.
Plan an Ancient Rome Day.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Setting the Mood for Urban Legends

We learned about setting the mood for a horror story and then used what we learned to improve upon classic urban legends.

"I Want to Go Home"
It was a dark and stormy night, and Keith could barely see the road in front of him. Despite this, he still drove faster than he should have, knowing the roads well enough to stay on track. He was beginning to regret his decision to drive home at one o’clock in the morning. He could barely keep his eyes open, an extremely dangerous way to drive. Nevertheless, he continued on, trying to focus on the road. As he rounded a corner, the headlights of the car sliced through the rain, only to reveal a young women standing in the middle of the road. Keith slammed on the breaks as soon as he saw her, but he was sure he had hit her.

Keith cursed under his breath and got out of the car, slamming the door. He pulled the hood of his jacket up over his head in an attempt to shield himself from the rain before heading around to the front of the car. Where he had expected to see the girl laying there was nothing, not even a trace that she had been there. He began to think he had imagined the whole thing, but when he turned around there she was. His eyes widended with confusion.

The lady looked to be about Keith’s age and had long white hair that looked almost ethereal. She wore a long white dress and if he didn’t know any better, he might think she was hovering above the ground a little. She didn’t say anything, just stood there and stared at Keith with an lifeless expression. It gave him a chilling feeling that would have sent anyone else running.

“Are you alright?” Keith asked, ignoring how wrong all of this felt.

“I want to go home.” Was her only response.

Keith frowned. This was a bad idea, and even he knew that. He shouldn’t give a ride to a stranger, especially one that made him feel this way. But the way she had said it made him feel obligated to take her home.

“Where do you live?” He said, giving in despite how stupid this was.

She told him her address and then climbed into the backseat of his car with impossible grace. He got back in after her and sped off down the road.

She was mostly silent, staring straight ahead in a statuesque manner, only speaking to express that she wanted to go home. Keith kept trying to tell her that he was taking her home but soon gave up out of annoyance. By the time he had pulled into the driveway of her home, he was nearly ready to gag her to get her to stop.

“We’re here,” Keith told her, trying not to sound too impatient.

But there was no response. Keith turned around to tell her again, but she had disappeared. He hadn’t heard the car door open, but maybe she had already gotten out. He looked around, but the theory was quickly dismissed. She was nowhere to be seen.

Keith tried to tell himself that it was all in his head, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that she had really been there. He decided to explain to her family what had happened, in hope of finding answers. The entire walk to the door he was paranoid, sure that she would appear again out of nowhere.

To his relief she never did and he made it to the door safely. He paused before knocking, realizing that nobody would answer the door this early, but he proceeded to knock anyway. To his surprise, the door was opened by an elderly woman. He told her what had happened, but the women didn’t seem surprised at all.

“You aren’t the first to tell me that.” She explained. “You must have seen my daughter. She died years ago in a car accident.”

Keith froze. He had just seen a ghost. He really wasn’t afraid of anything, but ghosts? Ghosts made him feel just a little uncomfortable in the most terrifying way. Even so, fear wasn’t what was on his mind right now.

Why was this ghost still here? Why hadn’t she moved on? Keith wanted to know what kept her tied to this world, and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

"Don't Turn on the Lights"
It was a dark and stormy night. My dear friends Eli and Billie were at The University of Washington, where they go to school. Billie is the life of the party and she was quite an extrovert. She was quite a bad girl, which was annoying for her roommate, Eli. Eli was timid and lonely. She was quiet, and a little strange, but a genuinely sweet girl.

Billie and Eli were also in the same biology class at university, and they both detested biology with a burning passion. After many weeks of studying, they had to take the notorious bio midterm., One of Billie’s friends was hosting a fraternity party the night before the midterm. Billie had never missed a party in her life, so of course, she’s going. Eli, on the other hand, had decided to stay in their dorm, studying.

After hours and hours of getting ready, Billie went to the party and had the time of her life.  After hours of drinking, dancing, and talking, Billie decided to go back to her dorm, as she was planning to study all night for her midterm. As she quickly walked back to her dorm in the lightless, damp, air, she was wondering if Eli was asleep. When Billie gets back to her dorm, she went to turn on the lights.  But she hesitated when realized that Eli was asleep. She decided to keep the lights off. Billie went to the bathroom to change into pajamas and wipe off her makeup.

The next morning, Billie woke before the sun, in a rush to cram before the test. She crept over to ask Eli to study with her, even though it was early. The sun hadn’t risen yet, so all Billie could see was silhouettes. She gently tapped Eli on the shoulder, even though she could barely see Eli.

Eli wouldn't wake up, so Billie pushed her onto her back. Eli’s face was struck with pure terror. Billie scrambled to turn on the desk lamp, and when the light flickered on, she screamed. In Eli’s chest was a knife covered in her blood. Billie crumpled to the floor, and started to sob. Through the tears, she saw words on the wall, covered in blood. The bloody handwriting said the words “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn the light on?”

Creating a Horror Movie

The kids wrote and filmed a horror movie.  (Okay it's more of a comedy .....)

Visiting Sleepy Hollow

Took a great trip up to Sleepy Hollow!

I had no idea how important he was to American literature!

Crossed over the Headless Horseman Bridge.
And lived to tell about it!

Enjoyed a telling of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in the Old Dutch Church.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Things We Did Over the Summer

Went to the beach.

Took summer dance classes.

Auditioned for an education commercial.

Redecorated the porch.

Auditioned for "Annie".

Refurbished a cool old box for art supplies.

Took voice lessons.  


Assisted with summer dance camp.

Auditioned to dance in a movie.


Attended dance competition team rehearsals.

Watched SYTYCD.

Went to our old school's graduation.

Went to a student-teacher kickball game.

Made birthday presents for a friend.

Volunteered at the arts council.

Made cupcakes for a friend's birthday.

Went to a BBQ.

Had our cousins for a visit.

Slept on the porch.

Shopped for art supplies in NYC.

Went swimming at friends houses.

Went to the town fair.

Had friends over for a BBQ and fireworks.

Took a musical theater class.

Developed a website.

Made 4 different kinds of ice cream with friends.

Took a dance class with Brandon Coleman.

Had sleepovers.

Choreographed a ballet solo.

Performed in a short musical, "Elf on the Shelf".

Watched a movie on the beach under the stars.

Had breakfast at the diner with friends.

Lived in NYC for the week.

Took a couple of classes at the Fashion Institute or Technology.

Took a dance intensive at Broadway Artists Alliance.

Toured a high fashion design house.

Toured the Mikimoto pearl store.

Saw the Broadway show "Gettin the Band Back Together".

Saw the Broadway show "Mean Girls".

Had lunch at Shake Shack.

Bought school supplies.

Learned to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Dance, dance and more dance.

Designed costumes for our dance solos.

Went to see our friends perform in "HIgh School Musical".

Got addicted to Voltron.

Went to Mood for fabric.

Took a writing class.

Was a trainee for a contemporary ballet company.

Ate bouncy cheesecake.

Took a pottery class.

Took a dance class with Dylan Pierce.

Did yoga on the beach.

Had shaved ice.

Went to Florida to visit family.

Saw the musical "Be More Chill".

Spent a weekend at The Sagamore.