Thursday, July 14, 2016

Online Art Lessons

My 12 year old daughter is a beautiful artist and one of the things I know she will miss now that she is being home-schooled is art class.  While we will definitely find her real life art classes to take during the year, but I also found this great website that offers art lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced young artists.

Thrive offers online art classes for kids that are easy to prepare for, easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable.

There are 6 lessons for each level and they are delivered via video on any device.  And all you need is paper, a pen and something to color with.  My daughter and have done about half of the intermediate lessons at a picnic table in the park this summer!  

The pace and depth of the lessons is perfect for kids and you don't even have to do a lot of pausing to catch up with the instructor.  The lessons also build on each other at a gradual pace so that you are practicing the techniques you learned in previous lessons as you go along.  I actually learned enough to take the techniques and apply them to my own art!

And most importantly, all of the lessons we have done have allowed my daughter to create a piece that she was proud of.  She was never left feeling like her work failed short of the instructor.

I would recommend Thrive to any young artist and am looking forward to more lessons in our own future!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Rules of Our School

What do you wonder about?  Go seek out more information or an answer.  Let it inspire you to create something to share with others.
What do you notice?  Appreciate it and capture it in your mind or your journal or with your creativity.

Always choose the path that brings you the most happiness! Not the one that you think you "should" do or the one that you do because you are afraid you are going to miss something.
Express gratitude for all that you have.
If you give something a fair try and it doesn’t make you happy or isn’t at all interesting, STOP and figure out what you can do to make the moment happier!

Accept that things are sometimes uncomfortable when they are new.  Be patient!
Understand that the only way to get used to something you want to do is to practice and problem solve.
If you are uncomfortable, express your needs and feelings so others can support you.

Everybody makes mistakes or forgets things...don’t panic!  
Use mistakes as a lessons.  Think about what you can learn to keep the same mistake from happening again.  Embrace constructive criticism.

Assume the best in others.
Use kind words and smile.
Listen to, share with and help others.

Take care of your self and your belongings.
Keep your things organized.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.