Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cooking Lesson ... Apple Pie

The girls made a pie.  All on their own.  Followed the recipe to perfection.  Yum!

Synopsis of a Broadway Show

We are headed to see Phantom of the Opera in a couple of weeks and I know it is a fairly difficult show to follow, especially for two kids.  So one of their projects during our Musical Theater Unit Study was to read about the show and create a presentation giving us all an overview of what was going to be happening.  

The girls did a great job and I feel ready to see the show and enjoy!  But even better than the presentation, they decided to make a quiz to see how well I read and understood the presentation.  Genius!  I think creating the quiz helped them to pull out the important facts from the story and really digest them and it is something I will definitely have them do again!

P.S.  Went to see the show and the girls did a great job with their synopsis!  We all understood what was going on and all of the backstory that wasn't entirely clear from the performance.  

Out in Nature ... Apple Picking

Just an afternoon out at Eastmont Orchard.... Sure is empty on a school afternoon!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Art Lesson ... Sea Glass Art Animals

The other day we took a walk along the beach and collected sea glass.  Then with a little glue, Sharpie and imagination we turned the glass into our favorite animals!

Art Lesson ... Sidewalk Crack Drawings

Found this great Sidewalk Crack of the Month activity by Carla Sonheim that encourages kids to look at a sidewalk crack and draw and share what they see!

Cooking Lesson ... Zucchini Bread

Doubling a recipe for zucchini bread in their heads!  Came out great!

Zucchini Bread

1 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 
3/4 cup sugar
2 beaten eggs
1/2 cup canola oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups grated zucchini

Mix dry ingredients together.  Stir in wet ingredients.  Stir in zucchini.  Bake at 350 in an oiled loaf pan or muffin tin until bread springs back when touched.

Out in Nature ... A Walk on the Henry Hudson Trail

A fall equinox walk by the water along the beautiful Henry Hudson Trail in Highlands, New Jersey.

Art Lesson ... Leaf Animals

Collecting leaves and turning them into a menagerie with the help of a little glue, paint and Sharpie!

Theater Games

A few drama games from On Stage: Theater Games and Activities for Kids each day gets everyone warmed up and ready to work!  Great for improv skills, following directions, listening, working together and unleashing creativity!

Broadway Themed Math Exercise

A little Broadway themed math exercise to get back into the habit of doing some math problems!  Sorry ... you'll have to figure out the answers on your own!

  1. Jean Valjeans’s number in Les Mis  minus the year Hamilton opened.
  2. “Welcome to the __’s” from Hairspray muliplied by  How many it took in Into the Woods.
  3. “Pop. ____ Squish.” from Chicago  divided by how many “singular sensations” from A Chorus Line?
  4. “I am __ going on 17” from Song of Music divided by the number of wishes from Aladdin.
  5. ___ Street minus the number of Ali Baba’s thieves from Aladdin.
  6. Year of the Newsies strike divided by __ Brides for 7 Brothers.
  7. It’s “__ L  __  __  U” from Matilda…. Find 3 other numbers that follow the same pattern.
  8. “Dance __” multiplied by “Looks __” from A Chorus Line.
  9. How many more eggs Gaston ate as a man than he did as a boy in Beauty and the Beast.
  10. Number of thingamabobs Ariel has in The Little Mermaid plus the “__th of May in the Jungle of Nool” from Suessical.

And they loved it so much they asked to do more!

1. (Trombones that led the big parade - Years that Berthe's known fears) + Kids Caroline's got
2. (Years Golde has washed Tevye's clothes x Months out of every year Meg is without Joe) - (Minutes New Rochelle is from Broadway - Guys named Moe)
3. (Bucks Mama Rose needs / Age when you live on Avenue Q) x (Dance score + Looks score)
4. (Days in the Emerald City / Singular Sensation) + (Hands you have to keep on the truck x Jumps Ahead you gotta keep)
5. (Stories in a Kansas City skyscraper + Brides for brothers) - Ladies Beedle dee, dee dee dee
6. (Hours of shore leave sailors have in New York! New York! - Years Rosie has wasted on Albert) – Leisl's age

7. Where the underworld can meet the elite + Years that have come and gone at a tailor shop in Klimovich + Age of the dancing queen

Musical Theater Curriculum

Our Musical Theater Unit Study consists of ....

Create a musical! There are plans to create dialogue, musical numbers, dances, costumes, props and Playbills.  One child is creating a musical based on the book "The Red Queen" and the other based on the movie "Men in Black". 

Research Scavenger Hunt
Complete an online scavenger hunt.

Reading List
Backstage Cat by Harriet Ziefert
Drama by Raina Telgemeier
Jack & Louisa: Act 1 by Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg
Who Was William Shakespeare by Celeste Mannis
Theater Shoes by Noel Streatfeild
Lights on Broadway by Harriet Ziefert
D is for Drama by Jo Whittemore
Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Fecerle

Turn a children's book into a script to work on description and dialogue.
Write a review of a musical.

Reading Comprehension
Create a presentation telling the story of "Phantom of the Opera".
Discuss conflict, climax and resolution for all of the musicals we have seen.

Math, Logic and Problem Solving
Design and make puppets for the children's book play then perform the show and make a video.
Play the board game "Be a Broadway Star".
Finish a Broadway themed math worksheet.
Complete a Broadway themed puzzle.
Play theater games.

Science and Technology
Watch videos on sound and vocal cords.
Make a vocal cord model.
Do a Science of Sound experiment.

History and Culture
Watch "Every Little Step".
See "American in Paris" on Broadway.
See "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway.
See a local production of "Cheaper By the Dozen".
Attend a Broadway Workshop.

Listen to Broadway soundtracks.

Musical Theater Unit Study ... Broadway Scavenger Hunt

As part of our Musical Theater Unit Study the kids had to find all of these things online....

  1. A Playbill from The Pajama Game
  2. A picture of the inside of the Richard Rogers Theater
  3. Where was George Gershwin born?
  4. What is The Great White Way?
  5. A song from Aladdin
  6. A picture of Lin Manuel Miranda
  7. A picture of a kickline
  8. Find the name of the first Young Simba in Lion King.  What roles has he done since then?
  9. 3 shows that opened in 2016
  10. Cast list from Newsies closing show
  11. How many seats are in the Winter Garden theater?
  12. A monologue from Wicked
  13. What is the equivalent of Broadway in London?
  14. Names of all the cats in Cats
  15. What Broadway shows Mr. Tommy has been involved with
  16. What was Corey Cott’s first show?
  17. A picture of a rehearsal of Matilda
  18. A floorplan of the Nederlander theater
  19. Where was Kristin Chenoweth born?
  20. Names of 3 actors who played Rum Tum Tugger
  21. How many performances of Tuck Everlasting were there in NY?
  22. What cities was Lion King tested in ?
  23. A picture of a Broadway blooper
  24. Pictures of 5 of the “things” in “My Favorite Things”
  25. A list of Broadway shows Tasty Oreo (Tyce D’Orio) was in

Bonus: An actor who has played at least 3 different animals on Broadway.