Friday, March 31, 2017

Native American Final Quiz

Native American End of Unit Study
If I knew nothing about the history of the Native American's what would you tell me so that I got an understanding of who they are?
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What do Native American's value?
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What is something that you will do differently in your life after learning about the values of Native Americans?
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Where did Native American's get their tools?

Natural items like sticks, shells and animal bones.
Which are types of Native American homes?





What determines what kind of houses different tribes build?
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Who was the French and Indian War between? How were Native Americans involved? Who won? And what land did the winner get?
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What is Manifest Destiny?

The belief that it was the country's destiny to expand westward all the way to the Pacific Ocean
What made Lewis and Clark explore the West?

They were trying to reach Alaska.
Which are reasons why wolves are almost extinct in the US?

The early settlers of America considered land and animals resources that were here solely for human use; if it wasn’t useful, if it had no economic benefit, then it would simply be destroyed

Native Americans enjoyed eating wolves.

The early settlers brought a fear of wolves from the Old World.

A virus killed most wolves.
During the War of 1812 the Native Americans fought with the British against the Americans. Why?

They liked the King.
Which are reasons that people moved westward?

Free land for homesteaders.

Morman's moved to Utah to avoid religious persecution.

Looking for gold

To hunt and trap

To harm Native Americans
Why did Native Americans not like settlers moving onto the lands they populated?
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Which facts are true about Andrew Jackson?

He was from an immigrant family and without much formal eduction.

He owned a large plantation and many slaves.

In his first presidental election, he received more votes but was not made president because Congress picked someone else.

He did not agree with much of the structure of the existing government and he fired the cabinet and hired his own people.

He established the Indian Removal Act.

He tried to suppress any anti-slavery literature.
Explain the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears.
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What is a reservation?

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Explain the conflict at Standing Rock.
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What books did you read?
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Why do you think it is important to study the history of the Native Americans?
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