Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quiet Valley Farm, Stroudsburg PA

We traveled out to Pennsylvania for the day to participate in "19th Century Days" hosted by Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm.  

The farm was built by a family that immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia, worked to pay off their passage and then walked weeks to find this location for their farm.We were treated to a tour of the beautiful farm.  We got to meet all of the animals, watch some 19th century farming tools and cooking equipment in action and participate in a day at school.

In the afternoon, the kids learned various methods for cooking in the fireplace and made biscuits, cinnamon rolls and corncakes.  Then in the afternoon they learned how to dye wool.

Not only was it a great experience to really get a feel for what it would have been like to be a farming family in the 1800s it was amazing to get up close and personal with so many of the tools that were invented to make life on the farm easier.  Things like a machine that takes the corn off the cob, bowls made from gourds and a tool that lets you plant seeds while standing up.  What I found so great about that was the illustration of how you have a need, like not bending over the plant all of your seeds, and how you can devise a tool to meet your need.  In today's high tech world, that connection seems to be often lost.  I hope it will inspire the kids to be creative about meeting their own needs in the future!


  1. It's always good to see where we came from to where we are now! Lovely not to spot anyone on a mobile! Great pics and I'm sure fun for all. And close by to us, in Philadelphia! #explorerkids xoxo

  2. Oh how cool. This looks like something my family would love to see and do. Not sure we have anything that similar near London. Sarah #ExplorerKids

  3. I love visiting places with history. This farm looks really awesome! I love that carrier bike. Amazing! I love to see how the kids would apply this to their lives too! :) Thanks for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids