Friday, June 16, 2017

Creating a Fairy Trail

Over the course of the month we studied fairies, we worked on a project ... creating a trail.

We had to come up with the designs and plans for 3 fairy structures, create a list of materials we needed, and build our structures.  And we could only use natural materials and glue.

It was great to watch the kids research different fairy items and use them as inspiration for their own projects.  And it was really exciting to watch them think through the creation of the pieces and tackle all of the challenges that come with bringing a design into reality.  They learned how to come up with creative alternate solutions and they learned when it was time to take a break and come back to something.

The completed projects were adorable and are currently installed on the Old Oak Trail in Lenape Woods in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  We hope that hikers will enjoy stumbling upon the little gems and that perhaps others will add their own little natural fairy creations!

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  1. This is so adorable - I will have to do this soon. Last year we made little fairy doors for the trees. sarah #FabFridayPost